Ritter ohne Furcht und Adel

(UA) Ein Abenteuer mit echtem Ritter

They are indestructible, have awakened longings in children of pretty much all ages for decades and make them want to go on adventures: knights! The theatre is fortunate to have one in its ranks. JES actor Gerd Ritter (Eng. Gerd Knight), nomen est omen, not only tells the adventurous story of a boy who suddenly has to become a knight against his will. He also provides a suitably impressive soundscape. 

Ferdinand’s path leads him to knight school. He dreads having to deal with giants, dragons and princesses. Fortunately, everything turns out differently when he meets Harry, a girl who dreams more than anything of being a knight.

The production is funded by the “Kultursommer 2020” programme of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

Accessibility for people with visual impairments

The story is told as a live radio play. For people with visual impairments, we offer a tactile tour approx. one hour before the performance.

The tactile tour takes place in the stage area. Here you can feel parts of the stage set, props and costume pieces. The actor introduces himself and describes himself. In addition, particularly visual scenes of the production are described.

Registration for the tactile tour: ticket@jes-stuttgart.de

Ages 6 an up, grades 1–4
Dauer: 50 Minuten
Prices: Children/young adults €5.50, adults €8.00