Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht

based on the novel by Aglaja Veteranyi

“I only know my country by its smell. It smells like my mother’s food. My father says you remember the smell of your country everywhere, but you only recognise it when you are far away.”

“Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht” is the story of a young girl growing up between two worlds: the colourfully transfigured home of the circus and caravans and the harsh reality of being a constant stranger on the road.

An actress and a young girl who confront the story of Agalja Veteranyi or on stage at JES. Together with director Yeşim Schaub, they search for the multi-layered, sometimes contradictory and branching feeling of being a stranger within the opposing perspectives of the characters, which are also repeatedly broken by precisely drawn images, and deal with the subject matter impressively. How is it possible to share the experience of homelessness despite different histories, ages and backgrounds? Especially in times of current wars and flight movements, Aglaya’s search for a place she can arrive intersects inseparably with the reality that surrounds us.

12+, Grades 7–9, Duration: 45 minutes


Bühne & Kostüm


Licht & Ton

Musik & Text





20.06.2023 11:00 Uhr



20.06.2023 19:00 Uhr



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