from and with Milan Gather

Living the dream – becoming a real astronaut. A young man talks about his path to achieve his biggest goal – going into space - and about the struggle on his journey. About the difficult selection procedures, about experiencing zero gravity and completing extreme survival training sessions. About a dive into a cave at 2000 meters below the ground. About a view on a fragile blue planet and a humbleness towards life itself.

But there is more – something hidden beneath the surface, something unsettling, something that throws him off balance. Something from is childhood – a guild that he has never atoned for and that he has carried along ever since. About a classmate who always dreamed to fly.

JES-actor Milan Gather wrote his first theatre play. At first glance it is a special class with a cool and eloquent guest lecturer. Suddenly the gaze turns to an old bullying case, in which the astronaut to be seemed to be involved.

This production is NOT recommended for classes which recently experienced a fresh case of bullying. If some of the students had problems with bullying before, please contact our employee Iolanda Carrozzo before booking (0711-218480-18).

This production can be seen at JES or be booked as a mobile show for your classroom.

SCHOOL-PREMIERE: February 15th 2019

JES-PREMIERE: May 17th 2019

Recommended for the age 12+ / classes 7-10

Language: German




1:00 Stunde(n)




8,00 €

5,50 €

Mobil: 10,00 € pro Schüler*in