Corpus Delicti

written by Juli Zeh

Science is miraculous: genetic research, early diagnosis and very strict hygiene rules prevent the emerge of any illness. Following medical advancements society is now grounded on a political system that’s sole purpose is to keep its citizens safe – the method. Without control and supervision no safety.

Until recently biologist Mia Holl was an upright citizen, following the method and its rules. Even defending it against her rebellious brother Moritz. But then everything changed. Moritz was convicted of the murder of a woman by DNA-testing. He committed suicide in prison. Mia’s world is shattered, because she can not wrap her head around the fact that her brother could kill a person. She starts second-guessing the verdict and neglects her sport and nutrition duties. After illegally smoking a cigarette, she gets inspected by the authorities and convicted for the use of toxic substances. Her case gets blown out of proportion and comes to a peak in the media. Mia becomes a figurehead for the resistance.

Juli Zeh – one of the most famous German authors of modern times – writes novels, theatre plays, books for children and scientific essays about recent socio-political developments.  

PREMIERE: June 19th 2021

Recommended for the age 15+ / classes 10 and above

Language: German

Der Steppenwolf

Harry Haller is in pain. He suffers from himself, the society, and his character. He hates what he desires and mocks those who are able to feel joy in life.

Alter: 15+




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