de passant

de passant

Laika (BE)

Danceperformance from Michai Geyzen                                                             

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Some people feel at home wherever they are. Others spend their whole life searching: Four men on the road. Each one with just one  suitcase, his  own. suitcase. They wait. They eye each other up. They move on. Wait again. Keep going. Until they eventually arrive. At a house. Their house, a tiny space no room to escape. They have to settle in, wavering between the fear of the unknown and the longing to feel at home. But what exactly is home? A feeling? A building? A scent? Or just the place where you put your suitcase down when the fleeing is over? 

Visual, physical and energetic theatre. A show, like a score consisting of individual notes, which gradually merge into harmonies and, in the end, become music.                                                    

"To me it seems like a story of refugees. But the openness in the storytelling - allowing for various  different associations - is one of the special qualities of the show, alongside it’s energy, the images emerging from almost nothing and, last but not least, it’s humour." - Christian Schönfelder

Direction and concept: Michai Geyzen/ With: Elias Vandenbroucke, Hervé Guerrisi, Javier Ojeda Hernandez, Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert / Music: Ephraïm Cielen / Costumes: Vick Verachtert / Stage setting: Stef Stessel / Lighting: Pieter Smet / Dramaturgie: Mieke Versyp 

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ATTENTION: There will be a filmcrew filming for the live streaming during the performances on monday, 7th of June at 2pm and 7pm.


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