Der Anfang

Der Anfang

An interactive walk to grab some fresh air

Why are we here? Where does life come from? How did our earth got to be? To find an answer to these heavy questions we start our search at the beginning. The beginning of our live, the beginning of all plants and the whole world. And we need your help!

We meet somewhere where it’s green and start looking for hints. Maybe that ant can help us? Or this tree? What happened at the very beginning and especially what will happen in the future – that we will have to answer for ourselves. And that’s the plan: with your ideas, feelings and imaginations we start creating to tell our own history of the world!

This is a mobile production for Kitas and school classes. Information and booking options can be obtained through ticket(at)

PREMIERE: September 26th 2020

Recommended for the age 7+ / classes 2 and above

Language: German

Die beste Geschichte - En iyi hikâye

This new bilingual JES production is a colourful and very diverse collection of stories full of music, humour, depth, sense and nonsense, action, and tenderness. For everyone who speaks at least one language and who enjoys a play with words. For everyone who loves stories.

Alter: 8+

Die Bademattenrepublik

Raise your voice, give a vote, get heard. But what happens if we are not allowed to do so anymore? To defy a terrible threat our two actors have founded their own nation.

Alter: 8+

Ritter ohne Furcht und Adel

How lucky the JES can call itself to have its very own knight – actor Gerd Ritter – to tell the tale of a young boy and his struggles with becoming a knight himself.

Alter: 6+

Der Anfang (mobil buchbar)

Ein interaktiver Spaziergang an der frischen Luft.
Mit eurer Hilfe machen wir uns auf die Suche nach dem Anfang von allem.

Alter: 7+


Startpunkt im JES




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