Die Bademattenrepublik

Die Bademattenrepublik

Theatre production after themes von Valerie Wyatt

Raise your voice, give a vote, get heard. But what happens if we are not allowed to do so anymore? To defy a terrible threat our two actors have founded their own nation. They invite the children in the audience to be the first citizens of this new founded country. Together they dive into an interstellar adventure and playfully explore how a society comes and lives together. Who makes the rules? Who must follow? And how can we save the world?

With this new interactive production the JES-team embarks in uncharted waters: two actors and up to two school classes meet in the gym to start a democratic adventure. Embedded in a spectacular story, the children get to know their own place inside our society. They also learn that it matters to raise your voice and fight for your rights.

SCHOOL-PREMIERE: November 29th 2019

PREMIERE: December 1st 2019

Recommended for the age 8+ / classes 3-4

Language: German

entweder und

Being loud, wild, and untamed vs. being nice, pretty and behaved - we almost always think in given gender categories. Hannah Biedermann and the JES-Ensemble developed a collage of diverse gender images and invite the audience to a party of difference.

Alter: 5+

Die Wanze - Der neuste Fall

Wanze Muldoon ist ein Schnüffler, wie er im Buche steht. Oder im Fernsehkrimi mitspielt. Oder in der Phantasie jedes Krimi-Fans lebendig ist: lässig, verschlagen, erfolgreich und durch nichts zu erschüttern.

Alter: 9+

Die beste Geschichte - En iyi hikâye

Ein zweisprachiges Theatererlebnis für alle, die mindestens eine Sprache sprechen und Spaß an Geschichten haben.

Alter: 8+







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