Dreier steht Kopf

Written by Carsten Brandau

One must be first, naturally second must be second in line – day in, day out. Both are happy with their routine. And if one of the two starts criticizing the order, both soon agree that everything should stay the way it is, because it has always been like this. It is the easy, the safe way. Suddenly third arrives and everything changes. The world gets turned upside down.

This production is a humorous and deep tale about First, Second and Third who go on a joined quest to question concepts like identity, chaos, and order. In the current situation a playful approach to notions of chaos and order is most important to help children learn to handle situations of great uncertainty. 

Author Carsten Brandau received numerous prices for his writings and became an important source of inspiration especially for youth and child theatres. In his texts he succeeds to deal with big socio-political topics in a humorous and intelligent way. In “Dreier steht Kopf” he lays an important focus on inventive wordplay.

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Recommended for the age 4+

Language: German






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