Du musst es dir nur vorstellen (mobil buchbar)

Du musst es dir nur vorstellen (mobil buchbar)

Lection following motives from „Peter Pan“

Every night Wendy snuggles up in her bed with her dog Nana. When she is nestled down in her pillows comfortably, she starts telling a bedtime story. It’s their own little ritual. Normally she is full of funny and interesting ideas and the stories just come to her naturally – but not tonight. Tonight, everything is different. Wendy feels heavy and blue. No story comes to her mind. She has lost her imagination and dwells into boredom. Suddenly Peter Pan arrives and takes her on an adventure to Neverland. The land where everything is possible and more…

This lection tells a story about the power of imagination, that can bring everyone to a special place, that makes people feel out of the ordinary and lets them take part in wonderful adventures.

This production can take place at your KITA or class. Or you can come to the theatre to watch. Please contact us for more information.


PREMIERE: Juni 14th 2020

This lection is recommended for the ages 4 to 9 (KITA and classes 1-3).

Text and setting:
Sezin Onay, Paul Röwert, Silke Wilhelm (Theaterpädagogik),  Iolanda Carrozzo (Organisation), Milan Gather, Gerd Ritter, Faris Yüzbaşıoğlu (Schauspiel), Paulina Mandl (Dramaturgie), Denise Hafermann (Regieassistenz), Jan Keller (Technik), Inga Töpperwien (Ausstattung)


mobil buchbar



Kita und Grundschulklassen 1–3


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