Ein Schaf fürs Leben

Ein Schaf fürs Leben

Written by Maritgen Matter.

On his way through the cold winter night – grumpy and very hungry – Wolf discovers a warm and cosy stable. Inside he meets an innocent and very helpful Sheep that offers him something to eat: oats, old bread and hay...

But Wolf craves meat and so he convinces Sheep to follow him into the night by inviting it on a sledge ride to „Erfahrungen“. Sheep is very excited and impressed by Wolfs „Savoir vivre“. On the other hand, Wolf gets to know a fun-loving, endearing, and splendid Sheep. This revelation messes deeply with his plans because now he has a wolfish appetite and a guilty conscience. Suddenly their story takes an interesting turn…

A sweet tale about a very special encounter that shows what can happen if one leaves stereotypical views behind and dares to take a look at one’s own feelings.

PREMIERE: November 22nd 2008

Recommended for the age 5+ / classes 1-3

Language: German


entweder und

Being loud, wild, and untamed vs. being nice, pretty and behaved - we almost always think in given gender categories. Hannah Biedermann and the JES-Ensemble developed a collage of diverse gender images and invite the audience to a party of difference.

Alter: 5+

Jazz für Kinder

Die Konzertreihe „Jazz für Kinder“ begeistert nicht nur die jüngeren Besucher*innen, sondern auch ihre erwachsenen Begleiter*innen.

Alter: 4+




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