Compagnie Bakélite (FR)

Theatre with unknown objects

from and with Olivier Rannou

[without speech]

Are we alone in the universe? I don’t think so… Little green men are landing on our planet, but is the world ready to host these strange creatures from another place? Confrontation is inevitable. Starting with the farmer living next to the landing site, it develops into an alien invasion and finally an affray.

Inspired by the first alien invasion films of the 1950s, Olivier Rannou tells his science fiction story simply but captivatingly. Rarely has an alien invasion and the possible end of humanity been this much fun.

"Olivier Rannou’s pure presence brilliantly embodies the alien. Just as convincing is his invasion emerging from just 3 briefcases on a simple table. Fun for everyone."  - Brigitte Dethier

Direction and play: Olivier Rannou/ Co-direction: Gaëtan Emeraud/ with support of Pascal Pellan, Alan Floc’h und Agnès Dupoirier

Co-production with Scène Nationale du Sud Aquitain, Soutien - Ville de Rennes, conseil régional de Bretagne, Lillico (Rennes)
With support of des Institut français & of französischen Ministeriums für Kultur / DGCA. In association with Fokus OBJET & MARIONNETTE 2020.

ATTENTION: There will be a filmcrew filming for the live streaming during the performances on tuesday, 8th of June at 3pm and 7pm.


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