FreiSpiel: Elke

Ein schmales Buch über die Wirkung von Kuchen

After a narrative by Christian Duda

Due to the fact that Elke has to carry a lot of weight, one can't really overlook her. Nonetheless she has the ability to vanish into thin air if she wants to. She takes care of the people around her, but forgets about herself. One day her heart stumbles and trips. She vanishes and leaves a community of ones lonely people that she managed to bring together.

The actors Anna-Lena Hitzfeld and Sebastian Brummer know each other since they worked together on the JES-production "Nina und Paul". In the last season of director Brigitte Dethier they wanted to work freely together on a project of their choosing. After some recherche they chose the touching tale of "Elke".  Together with dramaturg Christian Schönfelder and drama educator Silke Wilhelm they start exploring how one could make a theatre play out of the tale by Christian Duda.

"FreiSpiel" is a special JES format, where any staff member of the theatre may take the time and space to explore new forms, topics and questions that haven't gotten a place in our repertoire before. Without any pressure to get a full and whole production in the end, but with the chance to present it to an interested audience through four to five performances.

Freispiel: BRO*CALL

What makes a man* a "real man"? How should a "real man" behave towords women*? And how towards other men*? What is expected of a "real man" in everyday life: at work, in a conflict, in interaction with friends and family? Does a "real man" even exist? And if so, who is he?

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Alter: 14+

FreiSpiel: Die innere Stimme (AT)

She is always there, a real nuisance! Self-satisfied and really annoying. She always knows what one should have said, but in the second one really needed that advice she stayed silent - the inner voice.

Alter: 12+







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