Liebe üben

Liebe üben

Theater Sgaramusch (CH)

[German speech] 

Love has to be practiced, it belongs to life like breathing. So Nora and Ives, an actress and a dancer set out to explore it. They ask themselves, each other and other people about their wishes, role models, ideas and stereotypes, and what a love relationship should look like. She is in love with him, he is married to another man. She is getting lost and is making a fool of herself. He misses the excitment, the novelty. Together they experiment, they get closer and push each other away. They kiss until they run our of air and fight until sparks fly

A Physical and emotional performance: Liebe üben („practice love“) speaks about many aspects of love in a very personal and relaxed manner. A play about something that regards us all and that encourages us to reflect and discuss our own thoughts and dreams.

"The dancing hormones move from the stage into the auditorium. A very special, vivid theatre experience, continuing to stir long after it has finished."    - Brigitte Dethier

Koncept and performance: Nora Vonder Mühll, Ives Thuwis/ Direction: Hannah Biedermann/ Layout: Ria Papadopoulou/ Lighting: Bene Neuhaus

Coproduction with Nevski Prospekt (BE), Tanzhaus Zürich, FFT Düsseldorf, TAK Theater Liechtenstein and Kulturbüro Friedrichshafen.

With support of Pro Helvetia.


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ATTENTION: There will be a filmcrew filming for the live streaming during the performances on saturday, 12th of June at 3pm and 7pm.


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