Dance theatre

Throughout the JES-history artistic director Brigitte Dethier and Belgian choreographer Ives Thuwie-de Leeuw produced a great many awesome dance theatre productions together. Pieces like “Noch 5 Minuten”, “9 Leben” and “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” – just to list some. The basic principle behind those productions is always similar: professional actors and dancers meet up with selected youngsters on stage. Everyone gets equal room to show something personal and create a common group tale. This time the topic of this encounter is paradise.

A consciously open and wide topic which evokes different associations in every cast member but also in the audience: there are also personal, social, and even religious connotations and very private memories and tales. This kind of topic also raises the big questions of our society: What is our own paradise? What would we do to get there? Who would we bring along? Who makes the rules for getting in? And what happens if we are driven out of paradise?

PREMIERE: October 31st 2020

Recommended for the age 12+ / classes 7-10

Language: German

Freispiel: BRO*CALL

What makes a man* a "real man"? How should a "real man" behave towords women*? And how towards other men*? What is expected of a "real man" in everyday life: at work, in a conflict, in interaction with friends and family? Does a "real man" even exist? And if so, who is he?

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Alter: 14+

Wir so: Welt retten

Nazareth, about 2000 years ago: home to Emmanuel and his friends: Jewess Ruth, Amon who has Babylonian roots and Titus who was born in Rome. To make sense of their own world the friends love to re-enact the old stories and tales. But those stories don’t give them any answers to their questions, so they have to dig deeper.

Alter: 10+


Living the dream – becoming a real astronaut. A young man talks about his path to achieve his biggest goal – going into space - and about the struggle on his journey. But there is more – something hidden beneath the surface – a guild that he has never atoned for and that he has carried along ever since.

Alter: 12+




1:20 Stunde(n)


Klasse 7 – 10


12,00 €

7,00 €