Rita - Livestream

Rita - Livestream

BRONKS & Tuning People (BE)

LIVESTREAM - Play by Randi De Vlieghe and Jef Van gestel

[in German]

Rita is a single woman of a certain age with a great sense of drama. Through her love of opera, she tries anxiously to escape her fears, the daily grind and the woes of old age. She gets lost in a mental labyrinth where the boundaries between fiction and reality have become entirely blurred. Like an elderly Alice in Wonderland, she is trying to find her way.

Over the last few years Randi de Fliege and Jef Van gestel have toured the world with their show „Football in Stilettos,“ also stopping by at Schöne Aussicht in 2016. Now they revive the old lady from the past show and her attractive carer Martino and present their story, taking everyday life and transforming it into something extraordinary.                                

"Two brilliant performers. Absolutely hilarious one moment, tender and whimsical the next. In a very poignant and dignified way they tell us about this elderly lady, who might be suffering from dementia." - Brigitte Dethier

Devides by Randi De Vlieghe and Jef Van gestel/ cast: Randi De Vlieghe and Tomas Pevenage / Sound and stage setting: Wannes Deneer / Lighting: Thomas Clause / Costumes: Maartje Van Bourgognie

More information: https://www.bronks.be/en/


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