A tale about big feelings

“Do you know the feeling when you just want to do like BUUUUUFFF? Not really because you want to, but because you have to?” At Rosensteinpark, 5-year-old M and A philosophize about big feelings. “Sometimes I just feel like destroying something. Like this!”, A answers and starts to fight against an invisible enemy. He punshes something in the shadows and then tries to shake it off. Only to tense up again the next second and to clench his fists. He doesn’t breathe. “Yes, exactly! And after you can just be like: smeieeeeelll!”, says M and starts grinning like a Cheshire cat.

This little episode, created by director Grete Pagan, is just one piece in the whole puzzle that is made of all the emotions dwelling inside of a five-year-old child. Feelings can be seen, heard, and felt. They are a big part of human interaction and of great importance at kindergarten, school or even at Rosensteinpark.

Emotions can be overwhelming – they can feel like a big wave that you see coming, but that still hits you completely unprepared. Sometimes you do not know what to do with all those feelings. Where to put them in? How to describe them? How can we put in words what is going inside our head?

This production is sponsored by “Kunst trotz Abstand” – Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst.

PREMIERE: April 10th, 2021 – postponed until further notice due to Covid-19

Recommended for the age 5+ / classes 1-3

Language: German

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Klasse 1 bis 3


8,00 €

5,50 €