Unsere große Welt

Unsere große Welt

A picture puzzle

In a picture puzzle one can find numerous people, animals, trees, buildings, little comedies, and big tragedies. Everything at once and next to each other. Our society in its whole diversity – our small and our big worlds – and what they are made off.

Director Grete Pagan and her team searched for ways to bring the characteristics of a picture puzzle onto the stage of a theatre. Starting by the audience gaze: which differences are there between a childs perspective and the perception of an adult? Also, this production does not work with just one central topic, but focusses on different story lines that meet, get separated and mixed up again – just like in a picture puzzle. Those lines take the audience on an interesting and at times surprising trail including random encounters and funny coincidences. 100 little details that repeat themselves, change, disappear and resurface – a kaleidoscope of everyday life.


PREMIERE: January 14th 2017

Recommended from the age 2+.

Language: German




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