Wir so: Welt retten
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Wir so: Welt retten

A childs play. From Thilo Reffert

Nazareth, about 2000 years ago: home to Emmanuel and his friends: Jewess Ruth, Amon who has Babylonian roots and Titus who was born in Rome. To make sense of their own world the friends love to re-enact the old stories and tales. The ones about Moses and Noah and his ark. But those stories don’t give them any answers to their questions. Why is Rome the centre of the world? Why is Rome as a city so rich and the lands and provinces suffer from hunger and poverty? And why does everyone want to be like the Romans? The adults can’t really give any answers, so Emmanuel and his friends try to look for deeper explanations in the old texts. They reveal that not everything is as god given as their teachers and parents try to make them believe. That Emmanuel’s birth was foreseen and that he might even be the saviour of the world. How it would be to have superpowers?

The JES-Ensemble had the wish to create a new view on the history of mankind without focussing to much on religious teachings. Written by Thilo Reffert, “Wir so: Welt retten” is a production about puberty and the revelation that everyone is the maker of ones own fate and has a say in the development of their society.

PREMIERE: March, 7th 2020

Recommended for the age 10+ / classes 6-9

Language: German

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