Schöne Aussicht 2018

International and Regional Theatre Festival

The program for Schöne Aussicht/ Bright View 2018 is set. Hosted by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, the international and regional theatre festival will take place from the 5th to12th of May in 4 theatres and 1 church in Stuttgart. Every two years, the world of Theatre for Young Audiences turns it eyes to Stuttgart for a week.

The invited performances survey the consequences of our globalized world, creating innovative formats and powerful images, and question the impact of war, racism and social instability on the lives and realities of young people. How does one deal with a world that is out of joint? How do we react faced with life changing decisions? What is home? What keeps us grounded? Who do we rely on?

Again and again we realize: it’s the individual that matters. We write our history, we can reinvent the story.

Delegate Packages now available!

Book your personal festival package and enjoy a carefree stay at Schöne Aussicht 2018.

Packages include Tickets for performances, Catering, Overnight stay in one of the festival cooperation hotels, incl. breakfast, Invitation to the international reception, and of course all information on the program. (Accommodation and breakfast are not included in Day Passes)

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International Productions

This year 11 international productions by artists of 10 nationalities will be performing alongside 8 selected shows from the South-West region of Germany. An overview and short descriptions of these productions are provided in the columns next to and the text below this paragraph.

Productions from the South-West region of Germany

The performances from Germany also contribute to the debate on the changing circumstances of life for the young generation. They talk about solidarity in times of violent conflict, the longing for love and freedom, the race for a position in life or the quest for a saviour – which keeps leading us back to ourselves again and again.

Junge wlb Esslingen : Der weiße Wolf/ The White Wolf 8+

Junges Landestheater Tübingen: Großes Durcheinander/ Great Chaos 8+

Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim: Die Konferenz der Vögel/ The Conference of Birds 10+

Cargo Theater Freiburg: festgefeiert/ revelled 14+

Junges Forum des Theaters Ulm: Apathisch für Anfänger/ Apathy for Beginners 14+

Junges Staatstheater Karlsruhe: Zwei im Dunkeln/ Two in the Dark 14+

Junges Theater Heilbronn: Running 14+

Theater im Marienbad Freiburg: Ich, Moby Dick/ Me, Moby Dick 14+

Productions featured by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart

The host Junges Ensemble Stuttgart shows their award winning children’s show entweder und / either and by Hannah Biedermann as well as R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the newest dance production for youth by high-flying artistic partners Brigitte Dethier and Ives Thuwis-De Leeuw (BE).

"Der Schöne Talk/ The Bright Talk"-Series

The series of talks Der Schöne Talk/ The Bright Talk founded in 2014 will be continued, giving space to theatre makers from Israel, Botswana, South Africa and Kosovo to discuss their work, to speak about how they try to shape the stories and thereby the history of the current and following generations in their communities.