Hier ist noch alles möglich

Based on the novel of the same name by Gianna Molinari

Premiere: Saturday 15th October 2022, 19:00 PM

A young woman as a night guard in a packaging factory that is about to be shut down for good. The remaining staff has shrunk to a few men: the strangely apathetic owner, the night guard’s colleague Clemens, Lose, who once saw a man fall from the sky and the cook who thinks he has discovered a wolf on the premises. Night after night, the young woman makes her rounds in these surroundings, as enigmatic as they are morbid, in search of the wolf, but even more so in search of herself. What is the core that needs to be discovered and protected?

“Hier ist noch alles möglich” is the multi-award-winning debut novel by Swiss writer Gianna Molinari. Julia Skof has chosen it as the basis for her first directing work at JES. In her productions, she examines the creation of images – those we see and talk about, as well as those in our heads.

Julia Skof studied philosophy and sociology at the University of Basel and directing at the Zurich University of the Arts. Her final project Antigone was invited to the Körber Studio for Young Directors at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg and reached the shortlist.

14+, Grades 8 and up
Price: Children/Teenagers 5,50 €, Adults 7,00 €



Julia Skof

Stage and costumes

Anka Bernstetter

Assistant Director

Lee Mülders