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Thoughts on your visit to the theater

We want to be a theater where as many people as possible feel comfortable and welcome. To achieve this, we work on the accessibility of our program and on being a place of respectful interaction.

For many children, their first visit to the theater is as part of a class. Some even come to the theater for the first time when they are teenagers. In principle, no prior knowledge is necessary for a visit to the JES. Neither about the plays, their content nor about the theater, its forms and conventions. We will be happy to advise you on the needs of your class.

For language beginners, for example, our dance plays (with little language) could be the right thing. Incidentally, in many of our plays several languages can be heard, often the native languages of the respective actresses, an identity-forming moment between stage and audience.

You also have the opportunity to view a play in advance free of charge at any time to find out whether it is suitable for your class. Before the premieres, you can get an impression of the new production at the rehearsal insight or at the “Rehearsal run – the public main rehearsal”.

We would also like to allay any fears of incomprehensibility or being overwhelmed: We always invite classes to join us during the rehearsal process, so our productions are created in close contact with you and the children and young people. On our website you will find a description, video trailer, photos and additional contributions for each play. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to take advantage of our free offer to combine a performance visit with a pre- or post-performance workshop.

Thoughts on your visit to the theater

We offer a 45-minute theatre-pedagogical preparation and follow-up sessions, which gives students a space to playfully deal with questions about the play, to discuss what they have seen and gain a deeper understanding of the play.

Preparation and follow-up sessions as well as follow-up discussions are offered free of charge. We try and cater to requests depending on capacity. When booking tickets, you can indicate whether you would like to participate in a preparation or a follow-up session.

For some productions we offer theatre pedagogical material, which you can use independently for preparation and follow-up in class and which can be obtained upon request.

Please direct your enquiries for additional material to Amelie.

Workshops for school classes

In our workshops we look at different theatre forms, methods and contents. A workshop, which usually comprises 90 minutes, can be based on one of our plays you choose to visit, or you can choose one of the following:

Voice and Speaking Workshop (Grade 5 and up)
Whether in theatre, at school or at work: communication can be practised through speaking in front of a group, understanding your own voice as an instrument, inventing stories and developing dialogues. All of this is part of the workshop. Many exercises, playful approaches and theatre basics offer a safe and at the same time challenging introduction to the topic.

Performative theatre workshop (Grades 3 and up)
We learn about different approaches to performative theatre work and try them out together. Clear settings, no character work, no text.
Inspired by performance art, which has its roots in the visual arts and dance, we discover forms of play, exercises and approaches that can be the starting point for theatre work.

Workshop Storytelling (Grades 3 and up)
What makes a good story? When does a story come to life? How do we come up with exciting ideas?
The group’s creativity is stimulated through games and exercises in which everyone can contribute their ideas. We invent stories, try out narrative strategies and immerse ourselves in different worlds through theatre play.

Workshop Getting to know each other with/in the theatre (all age groups)
New beginnings are difficult – especially in new group constellations. That’s why this programme is aimed specifically at school classes or groups that have only just formed or have not yet found much access to each other.
Through theatre and movement exercises, they come into contact with each other in a playful way and gradually get to know each other better.

Movement and dance workshop (Grades 5 and up)
In this workshop we offer school classes and groups the opportunity to discover dance as a creative means of expression. Through various movement exercises, the participants get to know their bodies better and experience the joy of dancing together. No previous dance experience required. We look forward to getting moving with you!

Privilege check workshop! (Grades 7 and up)
In this discrimination and racism awareness-raising workshop, we playfully approach topics such as identity, prejudice and privilege and sensitise ourselves as to how to deal with them.
How is our view of people shaped, how do prejudices arise and how thin is the line between prejudice and racist and discriminatory thinking? What are terms associated with the anti-racism and anti-discrimination debates? What are privileges and how can I use them to help others?

After a playful, guided audio performance via headphones, we will devote ourselves to various practical tasks and exercises in order to engage in dialogue and create a dialogue.

Costs per workshop (usually 90 min.): 60 euros

Contact person:
Amelie Barucha
+49 711 218 480 24

Training Courses

We regularly offer training courses with different topics to all educators, theatre makers and interested parties who would like to expand their methodological toolbox with theatre pedagogical approaches, ideas, games and exercises. If you have any special requests for training topics, please contact us!

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A visit to the theatre is an experience that can raise many questions collectively as well as subjectively, open up new perspectives, stimulate new thoughts and provide opportunities for discussion. A sustainable relationship between school and theatre is very important to us. It enables a regular examination of what has been seen and experienced and creates regular access for pupils to cultural education opportunities. For this reason, both primary and secondary schools have the opportunity to enter into a free JES partnership. Partnerships are available for schools and individual teachers and offers benefits such as discounted tickets, early notification of performance dates and the right to book in advance. Let’s go to the theatre together, make theatre together and, above all , exchange ideas. We look forward to a school and theatre year together with you!

Contact person:
Amelie Barucha
+49 711 218 480 24

Become our test class / test daycare group!

As a children’s and youth theatre, we develop theatre productions for young audiences. Our main audience is you: school classes and daycare groups. Not only do our performances need you as an audience, but we would also like to invite you to come on board during the development process:
Become our partner class or kindergarten group and accompany our rehearsal processes. Visit our rehearsals, talk to the artistic team, tell us what you think as experts in your everyday life and help shape our new productions from the very beginning.


The only subscribers to JES are 5-6 years old. For more than 15 years we have been running the theatre subscription project to promote the language skills of pre-school children, a cooperation with around 20 municipal day-care centres and the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Stuttgart.

The children who are about to start school attend four performances over the course of their last year of kindergarten. One of these performances is attended together with their parents.

The children’s groups are accompanied and prepared for the performances by our theatre and dance teachers in the form of playful workshops at the day care centre.

Some day-care centres prepare the first theatre experiences in an intensive phase that lasts for 3 months. During this time, a theatre lesson takes place once a week in the day-care centre. In these lessons, topics are researched, materials are experimented with, movement and transformation games are played and the children experiment with their own voices in front of an audience. In the end, the families are invited to a small performance where the children are able to get their first taste of the stage without any pressure.

The educators are also involved in the project. They reflect on the children’s progress with the theatre and dance teachers and regularly attend additional training workshops at JES.

The project kindergartens have already been selected for the 23/24 season. If you are interested in the project as a municipal institution, we’re happy to place you onto the waiting list for the upcoming seasons.

Contact person:
Silke Wilhelm
+49 711 218 480 22

Participating kindergarten centers

Day care center for children Eichstraße

Day care center for children Ludwigstraße / Generation House West

Day care center for children Laustraße

Day care center for children Ötztalerstraße 11–13 / Stork’s nest

Day care center for children Ötztalerstraße 21 / Schlössle

Child’s and family center Düsseldorferstraße 8

Day care center for children Schwabstraße 61

Day care center for children Schwabstraße 95

Day care center for children Sankt-Pöltener-Straße

Child’s and family center Duisburgerstraße

Day care center for children Mahatma-Gandhi-Straße 3

Day care center for children Landauerstraße 17–21

Day care center for children Hofenerstraße

Day care center for children Rümelinstraße 80

Day care center for children Hofenerstraße

Day care center for children Rümelinstraße 80

Day care center for children Melunerstraße 12

Child’s and family center Daimlerstraße

Day care center for children Freibergstraße

Day care center for children Austraße

Child’s and family center Löwensteinerstraße 49

Day care center for children Schönbühlstraße 100

Day care center for children Sieben Morgen 3

Day care center for children Wildgansweg 32–34

Day care center for children Eberhardstraße 61