Do you want to be part of our theatre?
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regular offers

Open Acting Class
Ages 14 and up

Start: 11.10.2023, 18:00–19:30 every Wednesday

Acting skills for everyone. Learn from the JES ensemble.

How do I stand on stage? What do I radiate? How can I work on my presence, how can I work on my voice? Every Wednesday evening (except during school holidays), our studio becomes a training centre for 90 minutes: Under the guidance of our ensemble member Maximilian Schaible and changing guests from JES and friends, you can learn the basics of acting: Impulse training, different types of improvisation work, basic rules for simple scenes, plus lots of body and voice work. You can find out exactly what’s on the agenda in advance via our Instagram channel @jesstuttgart

With: Maxi & guests

No participation fee, no registration required

Open Dance Training
Ages 14 and up

Start: 12.10.2023, 18:00–19:30 every Thursday

Open to anyone who wants to get moving.
No previous experience necessary!

For everyone who has always danced or never danced before, for speakers of German and other languages, who want to learn new ways to move and try them out! For everyone who wants to find out who else is in the room and how we can get in touch with each other by moving. The only rule? Come in cool socks!

With: Angélica & guests

No participation fee, no registration required

Dance Training to „We carry“
Ages 8 and up, multigenerational

In their current intergenerational production We carry, choreographers Lina Höhne and Teresa Hoffmann deal with large and small packages and the weight that everyone carries with them through life.

In this dance training, the team opens its doors during the rehearsal period and, under the guidance of Lina Höhne, invites interested parties to dance together with dancers from the piece and get to know the theme.

Carrying, lifting, dropping, pulling, pushing, shaking, stacking, depositing, dropping, supporting and throwing become parameters for playful improvisations that the group sets in motion together.

The offer is open from the age of eight. No previous experience is necessary. It is possible to join at any time. Parents are welcome to register together with their children.

Free of charge
Registration by e-mail to ticket@jes-stuttgart-de

02.03., 11:00-12:30
09.03., 11:00-12:30
16.03., 11:00-12:30
27.04., 11:00-12:30 a.m.

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TanzTheaterClub III: Carry together
Ages 12 and up

Start: 16.04.2024, 18:00-20:00, always on Tuesdays (except during the vacations)

We carry, pull, push and drag. Large and small packages. We hold, support and balance memories of our past. What do we like to carry with us? What is particularly heavy, what is very light? What do we transfer to other people? How can we carry and support each other together?

In the TanzTheaterClub, we are working on the dance piece “We carry”. “We carry” is a dance piece that is currently being rehearsed at JES and will be performed in June. “We carry” is about carrying together. It’s about seeing the other generations. It’s about seeing people who are older or younger than me.

We will develop our own approach to these themes. We will dance, talk, hold and carry each other. We will work with body contact and weight. We will also attend a rehearsal and a performance of “We carry”.

The club is open to anyone aged 12 and over who likes to move. You don’t need any previous experience.
We rehearse on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 20:00. There are no rehearsals during the school vacations.
There are all-day rehearsals on Saturday, May 11, 2024 and Sunday, June 23, 2024. The club ends with a presentation on Tuesday, July 09, 2024, 7:00 pm.

The TanzTheaterClub is divided into three independent blocks. Each block has its own theme and ends with a one-off presentation of the results. The club then opens for new registrations:
1st block: October – December, presentation 12.12.2023
2nd block: January – March 2024, presentation 12.03.2024
3rd block: April – June 2024, presentation 09.07.2024

With: Nathaly

Participation fee: 40,00 Euro per block
Registration no longer possible.

Our little big world
9 to 11 years

Vacation workshop

This week combines visual arts and theater. We get to know different materials, build and design objects and think about how we can develop our own little play based on them.

As research, we will watch the play “Our New Big World” at the JES and discover together various theatrical means that can be important building blocks for the invention of a play. These include, for example, characters, movement, stage design, costumes, lighting and music.

For the play, we work with little text and all the more with movement and our bodies. At the end of the week, there will be a small presentation to which all interested parties are cordially invited.

In cooperation with JUKUS Stuttgart – Jugendkunstschule Kinderwerkstatt e.V. and the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES)

The vacation workshop is aimed at children between the ages of 9 and 11. Children of non-European origin are encouraged to participate.

Period: May 27 to May 31, 2024, from 10:00 to 15:00 each day
Presentation: May 31, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.
(Prerequisite for registration is to be able to participate on all days)

With: Angélica

Participation fee: 80,00 Euro (including materials and theater ticket, no lunch included)


ongoing offers

about good and bad, but probably mostly about the complicated mess in between (Arbeitstitel)
Ages 16–25

A play with teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25.

Together with director Josie Dale-Jones, we are developing a new play with teenagers and young adults. After an initial concept weekend with young people, the idea was born. The working title is “about good and bad, but probably mostly about the complicated mess in between.” And now we are looking for players!

The central figure for this project is Boudica: a queen, a warrior, a brutal murderess. In England, she is a symbol of the fight for freedom and justice. But it’s more complicated than that…

We ask ourselves: can a person be good and do evil at the same time? Can a bad person also be good? Is revenge ever justified? The gray area in between is complicated and exciting.

With: Sezin, Frederic, Josie

Rehearsals: weekends and vacations in April and May, times by arrangement
April 2–7 (Easter vacations), April 12–14, May 8–15, May 18–20, May 25–31 (Whitsun vacations)

Performances: May 30 and May 31 (and a guest performance in autumn 2024)
Participation fee: 80.00 €

Registration and questions to:

Club for senior citizens
Ages 55 and up

Has FOMO (fear of missing out) always existed? In other words, the fear of missing out. Or is it a phenomenon of the digital age?

How differently do we perceive time? What do we do with our time or what do we wish we had done with it? Why does a rainy Sunday afternoon sometimes not pass quickly enough? And why does a whole decade fly by instead?

The seniors’ club goes in search of small time windows and big time wasters and asks itself what all this could have to do with age…

The exchange with experts from different age groups will flow into the content-related and artistic research. The theatrical result of the research will be presented to an intergenerational audience at JES in fall/winter 2024.

The seniors’ club is also open to new participants from the start of production! Do you have time? Then let’s get going!

Regular rehearsal dates: Tuesdays, 11 am – 2 pm, start: Tuesday, 16.01.2024, performances: Fall/Winter 2024

A rehearsal weekend before the summer break (the summer break begins at the end of July 2024) and intensive rehearsals in fall 2024 are planned.

With: Hannes Michl and Krümmel Bühler (FSJ Culture).

Participation fee: 80,00 €

Ages 16–25

A collective, queer theatre lab

QueerTown is a theatre laboratory for everyone who identifies as queer and is interested in collective theatre work!

Whether it’s a workshop, visting exhibitions or participating in dialogue – every month we get external input from inspiring guests from the queer scene and process our questions and thoughts in our own performances.

A space for encounters, exchange, trying out creative things and experimenting. Together we’ll find out what queer theatre means to us.

With: Sezin

JES philosophers
Ages 11-17

Theatre-enthusiastic thinkers for all questions connected to JES

Whether at rehearsals, in the theatre or in conversation with politicians: The JES philosophers have good questions for everything. They watch performances, share their thoughts, reflect on their impressions and let off steam artistically themselves!

With: Silke

No participation fee, no registration possible