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Our calendar for May 2024 is online!


Limo zum Frühstück

For all ages

Ritter ohne Furcht und Adel

Ages 6 and up

Die Bremer Stadtmusiktiere

Ages 6 and up

Corpus Delicti

Ages 15 and up

Die Bademattenrepublik

Ages 8 and up


Start 16 April

TanzTheaterClub III: Carry together

Ages 12 and up

17 & 29 April

Training Courses

For theater makers and educators

05. Mai

Einmischen: „To Buy or Not To Buy?“

The open space format


20 April

Aus heiterem Himmel

Ages 4 and up

11 May

Das Herz eines Boxers

Ages 12 and up

20 June

We carry

Ages 7 and up


18 April 2024

Probelauf – die öffentliche Hauptprobe

Aus heiterem Himmel

We are looking for an event technician to start as soon as possible

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