Ida y Vuelta

Cargo Theater Freiburg und Künstler*innen des Teatro Yuyachkani und Elgalpon.espacio Lima
Video-Theater-Performance (in dt. & spanischer Lautsprache mit Übertiteln)

The performance “Ida y vuelta – Hin und Zurück” will take place simultaneously at the Teatro Yuyachkani Lima and the FITZ Stuttgart and will connect audiences in Peru and Germany via livestream.
What opportunities are there to connect with each other? And why is that so important right now? The performers in both countries move towards each other and invite the audience on an expedition. Fantastic views, unexpected encounters and turbulences ahead.
What lies between us? 10,000 kilometres, an ocean and a time difference of six hours. We meet in the middle!

The collaborating artists from Cargo-Theater Freiburg, Teatro Yuyachkani and Elgalpon.espacio from Lima have been maintaining contact and artistic exchange for more than 12 years. “Ida y Vuelta” is the second joint co-production that builds on this long-standing collaboration.

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Information on sensory stimuli

Sensory impressions such as bright light, loud noises or sudden events can be overstimulating or overwhelming for some people. That’s why you’ll find a list of sensory stimuli in “Ida y vuelta” here.
They may be good to be aware of for you or someone who is attending the performance with you.

  • There are video projections and live video projections from Lima.
  • There is moving light and dimmed light. There are also flashing lights.
  • The piece contains background music and audio recordings.
  • The audience will all receive a small package to accompany the performance, which smells of coffee, lime and mint.
  • The audience can see each other.
  • The audience is invited to come on stage.
  • The performers enter the audience.

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From 12 years, from grade 6 – 9
Duration: 90 minutes
Prices: Children/teenagers 7,00 € / adults 14,00 €
Venue: FITZ Saal



Carla Wierer, Leon Wierer, Jorge Baldeon, Milagros Felipe