Leichte Turbulenzen

Dance theatre

One minute everything was calm, the next it’s there: chaos. It lurks in moments when your way of dealing with something and my way of dealing with it collide. And it’s also where the unexpected happens, for which I am so unprepared.

In a dance piece for audience members aged 2 and over, Lola and Karo go in search of ways to find their way in turbulent situations. In the process, it is not always easy to understand oneself or the other person: Why do you cause such chaos in me? How can I make you understand what this is doing to me? And how can we get through such a turbulent moment together? The two try out how they can tame the chaos on stage, they make plans and thwart them, dive into wild playfulness and deep contemplation, they tumble, rumble and roar through all the colours of chaos.

Ages 2 and up, Daycare
Duration: 35 minutes
Prices: Children/young adults €3.00, adults €5.00

Notes on sensory stimuli

The following sensory stimuli appear in places in the production:

– Use of recorded music and live instruments (accordion and ukulele) as well as several metronomes that tick in different rhythms; metal buckets that produce sounds.
– Large stage elements that are moved.
– Colorful clothes that fly through the air and suddenly appear.
– A fluttering curtain at the back of the stage.
– The dancers hang in the air, stand on an elevated position and swing around a pole.
– The dancers talk to the audience at the beginning and at the end.

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