Limo zum Frühstück

Concert for children of all ages

There’s this song that I love to hear when I’m biking down the river. And this other one I once heard at a concert and have been humming ever since, and the song my grandparents danced to at their wedding, the melody playing on the taxi radio during my last vacation. 

Svea and David sing and play a selection of their favourite songs from pop to rock, from folk to swing and explain why they love them. With vocals, guitar, bass, violin, electro beats, piano, saxophone and whatever else they can get their hands onto. And from time to time guests join in.

The concert is an invitation to the whole family to enjoy music together, to remember, rediscover, smile, tell stories, share. Live music at its best once a month on Sunday mornings for everyone who’s already awake.


The performance is a theatrical concert. It is suitable for people of all ages and it is possible to leave the room during the performance and come back at any time.

For all ages
Duration: 45 minutes
Prices: Children/young adults €5.50, adults €8.00