Grandma Monika – what happened?

By Milan Gather

Actually, everything was as it always was. Balthasar spent almost every afternoon with his grandmother Monika, until his parents stopped immersing themselves in work and came to pick him up. But this time they were going to go away on a work trip, so this time Balthasar would spend the night with Grandma Monika ecause Balthasar is with his grandmother so often, he also knows her little secret: her forgetfulness and the trouble she has finding the right words, not only when doing crossword puzzles together.

On this evening, however, Balthasar notices that his grandmother’s memories and connections suddenly disappear from her mind more and more often. What happens when she forgets herself at some point? Who, then, was Grandma Monika? Together, grandmother and grandson set off in search of her memories and biographical traces. The kitchen becomes the parcourse of a long and eventful life.

Winner of the Marburg Children’s and Youth Theatre Prize 2022 as part of the KUSS Festival and the KinderStückePreis of the 47th Mülheim Theatre Days.

Ages 8 and up, grades 3–6
Duration: 60 minutes
Prices: Children/young adults €5.50, adults €8.00

Notes on sensory stimuli

The following stimuli appear in places in the production:

– Use of loud music, an electric guitar, microphones and kitchen appliances used as musical instruments.
– Rapid light changes, colorful and dim light and a lamp that flickers. In one scene, circles of light move across the stage.
– A curtain of balls hangs around the stage, making noises and glittering in the light.
– At one moment, rose petals are thrown into the air.
– An actress shows great emotion and throws a cup on the floor in one scene. The cup breaks.
– The audience sits on wooden benches throughout the performance and should keep quiet.

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