Lin Verleger

Lin Verleger is a professional dancer whose dance style is a mixture of breakdance and contemporary dance. The participation in and performance of several workshops, trainings and breakdance battles in the context of international cooperations and engagements allowed him to unite these different aspects in his dance style. France, Spain, Italy, Mauritius, Poland, England and many other countries have been settings for his artistic work. As part of the crew “Reckless”, he won the German Breakdance Championships and represented Germany in the “Battle of the Year” in Montpellier, France, the following year.

Since 2010, Lin Verleger has been concentrating his work on dance theatre in particular. He has danced for Regina Advento (Pina Bausch Ensemble), La Macana, Susanne Linke and Morgan Nardi, among others.

In addition to his work as a dancer, he choreographed several pieces himself. With the piece “Stüttgerhofweg 15” he won the prize for staging, movement and design in 2015. He also choreographed a breakdance show with students and professionals for the “WDR Vivaldi Experiment”, which was shown live on television together with the “WDR Funkhausorchester”. In addition to his artistic activities, he is studying sports science with a focus on dance at the German Sport University Cologne.