A play about big feelings

“Welcome to the machine room. We examine feelings here — that is, we examine them.”
Four people welcome you to their workplace at the beginning of their shift. They let you participate in their tests and experiments, you become a witness to their efforts to measure, compare and describe feelings. Does wanderlust come from far away? Is disappointment greater than homesickness? How much is too much?

A dance, musical and performative approach to what concerns us all, what determines our personal but also social lives so much — and what nevertheless gets so little space. For all people from the age of 5. Colourful, wild and exciting: UNBÄNDIG is a celebration of great feelings, the encouragement to befriend them, because: “Sometimes they come. Most of the time they leave. That’s okay.”

The production was supported by the programme “Kunst trotz Abstand” by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

5+, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Children/Teenagers 5,50 €, Adults 7,00 €