Youth Theatre Prize

This year,  BRIGHT VIEW   will once again award the Youth Theatre Prize including a sponsorship prize and project grant for a play development with an author. 

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, which sponsors the prize, has almost doubled the prize money this year, making the prize one of the most highly endowed drama prizes in the German-speaking world with a total of €27,500.

The award ceremony will take place together with a reading of the award-winning plays, which will be organised jointly by theatre makers and the festival philosophers. We will also let the prizewinners themselves have their say.

The main prize  (15.000€) will be awarded to French author Gwendoline Soublin and her translator Corinna Popp for “Fiesta”, published by Verlag Felix Bloch Erben. In the empathetic story of Nono and his friends, who were looking forward to Nono’s birthday fiesta together on the occasion of his tenth birthday, but are faced with big decisions due to a hurricane and lockdown, the play highlights themes such as friendship, courage and solidarity in a captivating way.

The sponsorship prize  (5.000€) goes to „Buddeln“ von Clara Leinemann, represented by the publisher Felix Bloch Erben. Olm, Melek and Nao are a close-knit clique who do almost everything together. But Olm slowly begins to distance himself from the other two. In a sensitive and serious way, the play addresses depression and the search for hope for a young audience without oversimplifying and without losing its sense humour.

The project grant  (7.500€) goes toViola Rohnerand theJunge Theater Konstanz for their project “Wie jede andere hier (AT)”, which deals with memory. The personal memories of Margot Spiegel, a Jewish woman from Constance who was able to flee to exile in the USA in 1937, meet the current voices of young people. The collaboration deals with National Socialism, political thought and cultural identity and questions the meaning of neutrality in Switzerland geography and policies then and now.

Wed 12.6. 5 pm, tri-bühne