Junges Staatstheater Karlsruhe
Schauspiel (in dt. Lautsprache)

The climate catastrophe is here. So what now? While some are still making climate change a matter of faith and hoping that everything will remain more or less as it was, others are facing the facts and asking themselves the question: what do we do next? Does the pressure to act on politics, business and society possibly offer the chance of a better, fairer, more sustainable future? And if not, what options do we have?

Theatre maker Arne Vogelgesang and actors from JUNGES STAATSTHEATER KARLSRUHE ensemble have created a theatre play in which you – the audience – determine the path: The starting point is our present. Visions of the future compete against each other in three rounds. Via applause you decide what the end of the play and thus our future could look like. Will we end up in high-tech ultra-capitalism in 2070? In solar-punk communism? In the eco-social market economy? Play along and find out!

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Information on sensory stimuli

Sensory impressions such as bright light, loud noises or sudden events can be overstimulating or overwhelming for some people. That’s why you’ll find a list of sensory stimuli in “Zukunft” here.
They may be good to be aware of for you or someone who is attending the performance with you.

  • There are three video projection surfaces. One of them is in the background on the wall. The other two are used individually and are situated to the right and left of it.
  • There are sudden changes of light and dim lighting.
  • There is a scene in which the three characters on stage argue and shout loudly at each other.
  • One of the performers plays the guitar and sings.
  • There are background noises and a buzzer that loudly indicates the end of a game round.
  • The audience should be able to remain seated throughout the performance.
  • The audience is encouraged to interact through loud noises such as clapping and stomping to show their approval.
  • The actors enter the audience.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at ticket@jes-stuttgart.de.
We will be happy to advise you and work out together how we can help.


We do not view content notes as spoilers for the plot of a play, but as an important source of information to help you decide whether or not to attend an event. You will find corresponding information on the content notes on each play page.

Age 14+
Duration: 75 minutes
Prices: Children/teenagers 7,00 € / adults 14,00 €
Venue: JES Theatersaal



Jeanne-Marie Bertram, Lorena Juric-Blazevic, Matthias Pieper


Arne Vogelgesang

Stage Design

Robert Wolf


Thalia Schoeller


Mona vom Dahl, Thalia Schoeller

Theater pedagogy

Lorena Juric-Blazevic, Pascal Grupe


Nora Klaus, Katharina Mussgnug, Lina Utermöller