Aus der Kurve fliegen

Urban dance theatre

Climbing a tree to its highest branches. Dancing alone in front of a crowd. Openly telling your teacher your opinion, crying regardless of where you are, wearing whatever you want: Is there too much risk involved? Or is that what it takes to celebrate life? At times in an untamed and boisterous manner, at times carefully and gently, the actors and dancers on stage resist stagnation and explore the courage, uncertainty and inner urge it takes to change something or everything. Where are boundaries, how can they be recognised, preserved, set or blown to smithereens? What do I dare do? What do I dare do? With urban dance, music and nerves like steel cables, Grete Pagan and the ensemble go in search of the jolted flights of life and plunge into moments of trying. “Aus der Kurve fliegen” invites you to cross boundaries together, to overcome fears and to unearth longings.

Accessibility / Barrier-free: 
We perform individual performances with translation into German Sign Language. 
Currently scheduled dates: 6th or 7th September 2022* 10:00 AM, 3rd December 2022 18:00 PM,
18th December 2022 18:00 PM, 15th or 16th February 2023* 10:00 AM. 
*please ask us. 

10+, Grades 4–6
Price: Children/Teenagers 7,00 €, Adults 12,00 €