Beating Choir/Chœur Battant

Le Carrousel & BRONKS (CAN/BE)
Dance theatre (in Dutch, French & English spoken language with surtitles)

Six young performers take to the stage. They come from different families, cities and countries. What unites them is that they are young They introduce themselves to the audience and present themselves. They listen to the voices of hundreds of others They bring with them the sound of young people from different regions of the world. They are representatives of their generation. Through movement and encounters, they explore the vulnerability and strength of their youth. Hopeful and combative. 

Beating Choir/Chœur Battant” is a co-production of by Canadian Théâtre Le Carrousel and BRONKS, the theatre for young audiences in Brussels Choreographer and director Zoë Demoustier developed this clear and powerful performance full of realness as a follow-up to an online platform for young artists created during the pandemic. Snippets of interviews, electro beats and movements merge into a tapestry of sound and movement that simultaneously reflects the fragility and cohesion of Generation Y.

The Bright Talk –  Working together, with Zoë Demoustier, Mon June 10th 10.6. 9 pm, FITZ Studio 

Information on sensory stimuli

Sensory impressions such as bright light, loud noises or sudden events can be exciting or overwhelming for some people. That’s why you’ll find sensory stimuli here that appear in places in “Beating choir/Chœur battant”.
They may be helpful for you or someone who is attending the performance with you to be aware of.

  • Es gibt Nebel.
  • Es gibt plötzliche Lichtwechsel und sich bewegende Lichter.
  • Es gibt laute Musik und Audioeinspielungen.
  • Das Publikum sollte während der Vorstellung durchgehend sitzen bleiben und sollten sich leise verhalten, um dem Stück gut folgen zu können.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at
We will be happy to advise you and work out together how we can help.


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Age 14+
Duration: 65 minutes
Prices: Children/teenagers 7,00 € / adults 14,00 €
Venue: Theater Rampe



Romain Accoe, Aurйlie Brassard, Lahja Demoustier, Oumi Niang, Maura Tepperman, Mathieu Thibodeau


Zoë Demoustier


Zoë Demoustier

Direction collaboration

Marie-Eve Huot


Leila Boukhalfa, Annemie Boonen


Willem Lenaerts, Pepijn Leenders


Martin Sirois


Le Carrousel (Montréal, Canada) and BRONKS theater voor jong publiek (Brussel, Belgium)