Corpus Delicti

By Juli Zeh

Science has worked wonders: genetic research, early diagnosis and strict hygiene laws prevent the outbreak of any disease. In the wake of medical progress, common sense has led to a political system that protects its citizens from physical suffering. The price for safety: control and complete surveillance.

Until recently, the young biologist Mia Holl was an unquestioning part of the system and defended it against her rebellious brother Moritz. But then he was convicted of murdering a woman after a DNA test and killed himself in prison. Mia is thrown off track, doubts her brother’s guilt, blames herself, neglects sports and nutritional reports and is targeted by the judicial system. A smoked cigarette is judged as abuse of toxic substances and is seen as endangerment of general welfare. The discussions in court and in the media escalate and Mia becomes the figurehead for the resistance.


Explicit mentions of sexual assault and suicide.
Video Clip with blurred torture scene.

Ages 15 and up, grades 10 and up
Duration: 95 minutes, no break
Prices: Children/young adults €7.00, adults €12.00