Das Herz eines Boxers

by Lutz Hübner

PREMIERE: May 11, 2024

Jojo has been sentenced by juvenile court. The punishment: painting walls in an old age home. Jojo ends up in Leo’s room in a bad mood, who doesn’t utter a word – until it turns out that Jojo isn’t actually guilty. Leo begins to talk about himself and admits that he is only keeping quiet so that the nurses will leave him alone. And it turns out: he used to be a boxing legend! Jojo tells Leo about friends who are not really friends at all and about the major insecurities regarding his future. Expectations begin to crumble on both sides and conversations about being excluded, about trust and the courage to take responsibility for one another develop. A friendship develops that challenges Leo and Jojo to jump over their shadows.

Ages 12 and up, grades 7 an up
Prices: Children/young adults €7.00, adults €12.00



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