Die Bademattenrepublik (Bath Mat Republic)

Play development based on motifs by Valerie Wyatt

Raising your voice, making it heard What happens when this basic right is suddenly lost? Two actors have founded a state to defy a monstrous danger and invite children to become its first citizens.

Together they dive into an adventure of intergalactic proportions, playfully testing social coexistence and determining who decides, and thus take on the small issue of saving the world.

Playfully and embedded in an exciting story, the children experience the encouraging feeling that they are a serious part of society.That it is worthwhile to raise one’s own voice – and to fight for this fundamental right.

This play can also be booked on-site for classrooms. The performance venue is the school gymnasium. Information can be found HERE.

Ages 8 and up, Grades 3–4.
Duration: approx. 70 minutes
Prices: Children/young adults €5.50, adults €8.00

Mobile Performances: Prices: 10.00 € per student