A classroom play

They are supposed to be best friends. For four years they experienced and did everything together, even had the same schoolbag. But now everything is different: the way to school is longer, the building is much bigger, teachers and classmates are new, students on the playground are no longer all smaller, but all bigger again. And challenges grow with the number of different subjects.

Soon they notice that they hardly have the same interests anymore. More and more often, they don’t understand each other, with arguments building over time between the two friends – that is, if they are still friends at all. They don’t talk much anymore That’s difficult enough as it is, but then there’s the school trip that is set to last several days. Here, they can no longer avoid each other. Rather reluctantly, they have to set off together, on an unexpectedly adventurous forest excursion.

With theatre at school the classroom becomes the stage: with our two new ensemble members Estelle and Lola we are developing a mobile play about friendship and the challenges of a new beginning at the intersection between primary and secondary school.

More information can be found here.

Grades 4-5
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: €7.50 per student

Notes on sensory stimuli

The following sensory stimuli appear in places in the production:

– At the beginning of the play, the actors run into the room quickly and without announcement.
– The actors sit down on the tables between the pupils. They run over the tables and crawl under them. They run through the whole classroom.
– The actors disguise their voices and play different roles.
– The pupils are played directly.

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Video: Adrian Schmidt