Nach dem Ende von allem

Dance Theater

The Hungarian word mentsvár is composed of the words ment = save and vár = castle or fortress. The German translation Zuflucht (refuge) doesn’t quite fit according to Beatrix Simkó, the meaning is the same, but the saving castle feels different from escape (Flucht).

Together with the ensemble, choreographer Beatrix Simkó explores the intangible feeling of weltschmerz. As a child, this powerful notion assaults you when your own ideal world starts to crack — your grandpa dies, playing alone suddenly feels lonely or the talk of the climate crisis and the end of our known world in the news. Simkó, whose work deals with the environment around us through the expressive means of the physical body, understands crises as moments of change in life, and in this piece searches for the balance between the cohesion of community and being alone, the crippling hopelessness and laughing out loud at our inadequacy, and a saving castle under the sofa in the children’s room.

8+, Grades: 3–6