Christian Schönfelder


I was born in Darmstadt in 1967 and grew up in Wolfenbüttel near Braunschweig. After a traineeship, several years as a sports editor at Goslarsche Zeitung and a trip around the world, I studied dramaturgy at adk Ulm.


After that I worked as a dramaturge and partly as a theatre pedagogue at the children’s and youth theatres in Heidelberg (zwinger3) and Mannheim (Schnawwl) as well as at the Schauspiel of the Nationaltheater Mannheim and in the festival management of Internationale Schillertage. In addition to working for JES, I work as a lecturer (including at the Stuttgart Drama School), as a curator and as an author. Recent premieres include “Artus!” at the open-air theatre in Altusried, “Auf Ötzis Spuren” at Theater des Kindes in Linz and “Das Ministerium der Einsamkeit” at Theater an der Rott in Eggenfelden.

JES! And Me

Since 2006 I have been dramaturge at Junges Ensemble Stuttgart and was the artistic director of the international festival Bright View with Brigitte Dethier until 2022. I was also the managing director of the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize for JES for ten years and one of three spokespersons for the working group of children’s and youth theatres in Baden-Württemberg for five years.