3PlaceTheatre as a third space for young audiences

3Place is a three-year research project by JES in cooperation with Scenekunstbruket and Kloden Theatre (Norway) and Divadlo Drak (Czech Republic). It deals with the question of how theatre can become a so-called third space (or place) for young audiences, where young people can spend time alongside school and their own homes, feel comfortable and be empowered to make it their own.  

To this end, the cooperation partners and a group of young people from all three countries exchange ideas at regular intervals in digital workshops, at live meetings, at so-called “camps” and mutual festival visits, carry out various practical experiments and develop methods together.

The cooperation partners will come together at SCHÖNE AUSSICHT to share their latest findings, thoughts and questions, to further develop them and to enter into dialogue with other theatre professionals. The 3Place project is funded by the European Union.

More information here: www.3place.eu