The Enlightened

Liam Rees (UK/IND)
Krimi-Dokumentar-Theater (in englischer Lautsprache)

“The Enlightened” spins a web of post-colonial secrets about a young white man who went to India in search of enlightenment and disappeared without a trace. As friends, family and internet detectives focus on a digital trail of tiny breadcrumbs, uncomfortable truths come to light, dangerous lies are uncovered and everyone is forced to ask the question: How important is the truth ultimately?

“The Enlightened” is a true crime thriller that delves into the infinite depths of the internet. It tells a fictional story inspired by true events. The audience is invited to participate in a collective meditation session that takes place between physical, digital and spiritual worlds, exploring human connection and the need to make sense of chaos.

At the same time, performers tell this ‘true’ crime story on the JES stage and in their private homes in India. “The Enlightened” can be viewed by the audience at JES and streamed live on the internet at the same time. Moreover, all viewers have the opportunity to participate in a WhatsApp group chat during the play. The show combines elements of crime history, theatre, film and digitality to create a unique and immersive experience without losing its contemporary and political relevance.

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Information on sensory stimuli

Sensory impressions such as bright light, loud noises or sudden events can be overstimulating or overwhelming for some people. That’s why you’ll find a list of sensory stimuli in “The Enlightened” here.
They may be good to be aware of for you or someone who is attending the performance with you.

  • Live video projections on stage.
  • Dim light.
  • The performers show strong emotions of sadness and anger.
  • There is background music and audio recordings. There is a sudden, loud beeping sound.
  • The audience should be able to sit quietly during the performance. The audience can see each other.
  • The audience can join a WhatsApp chat during the performance, which lights up mobile phone screens in the audience.

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We do not view content notes as spoilers for the plot of a play, but as an important source of information to help you decide whether or not to attend an event. In the future, you will find corresponding information about the content clues on each page of the piece. 

Age 14+
Duration: 90 minutes
Prices: Children/teenagers 7,00 € / adults 14,00 €
Venue: JES Theatersaal



Liam Rees, Samuela Brenda Nematchoua Noumtchuet, Ali Mahmud, Zitin Kaul


Liam Rees, Kelly Samuel, Ali Mahumud, Hannah Low, Zitin Kaul, Bradley Mell, Balraj Samrai, Dee Dixon



10.06.2024 10:00 Uhr



10.06.2024 14:00 Uhr