Aus heiterem Himmel

Based on the picture book by Jon Klassen

translated from English by Thomas Bodmer.

Premiere: 20th April 2024

I like standing here, this is my favourite place, the turtle thinks to itself and sniffs at a flower. But what happens when a new friend shows up, but has a bad feeling about the place and would rather stand somewhere else? Do you then leave the place you have come to love? Do you insist that the other person come to me, no matter the cost? Or do we meet in the middle, unfamiliar to both of us?
With just a few words, the Canadian-American animator, illustrator and writer Jon Klassen has created a whole little universe of feelings around friendship in his new picture book “Out of the Blue” / “The Rock from the Sky”, full of fears and reservations, suspicions and wishes.

Patricija Katica Bronić will develop a playful realisation for the stage in her first directing work at JES.

Ages 4 and up, daycare, grades 1-2.
Prices: Children/young adults €5.50, adults €8.00



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