Unsere neue große Welt

A hidden object play for hearing and deaf children and families

The world with its many people and animals, small comedies and big tragedies is changing. That’s why the production of “Unsere neue große Welt”, which we have performed almost 100 times for our youngest audiences since 2017, is also changing. With a new cast and partly new stage design, it is becoming more urban, even more diverse and even fuller.

Everything somehow happens simultaneously, is interwoven, wants to be discovered and processed. In order to finally create a world filled to the brink with objects and subjects interacting with one each other. Because personal encounters and different attitudes and ways of life standing next to each other leads to growing confidence in the overwhelming world of everything and anything.

Many thanks to Hannah Häberle and Ralf Wiebel for the DGS interpretation during the rehearsals.

*Deaf* includes different identities and life realities such as deaf, hard of hearing, CI-wearing and later deaf.

Ages 2 and up, Daycare
Duration: 40 minutes
Prices: Children/young adults €3.00, adults €5.00