Festival Schöne Aussicht

Schöne Aussicht is a biannual international theatre festival for young audiences hosted by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES) in Germany. For one week we turn our theatre into a hub for exchange, networking and sharing our creative work. We present 8 to 10 performances for young audiences created in different regions of the world to children, students, families and theatre professionals. We also facilitate opportunities for exchange not only between artists of different generations, professions and cultures but also between professionals and the young audiences. 


In 2024 the festival will take place between June 8th and June 15th and will evolve around the question: HOW DO YOU HANDLE UNCERTAINTY?

A question we find ourselves faced with in the fast and unpredictably evolving world and which we hope will bring inspiration and empowerment, not only to our artistic work but also the way we encounter social, economic and political challenges.