Festival Schöne Aussicht

SCHÖNE AUSSICHT – the international and regional theatre festival for young audiences – will take place from June 8th to June 15th 2024!

For the first time we evolve our festival around the question: HOW DO YOU HANDLE UNCERTAINTY?

A question we find ourselves faced with in the fast and unpredictably evolving world. We invited 10 performances from different regions of the world, which deal with uncertainty because of social, economic or political challenges in a very multilayered and powerful way.

Let’s meet and exchange!

Gastspiele / Guest Performances

Inszenierungen aus Baden-Württemberg / Productions from Baden-Württemberg

Schaum ich an ab 2 Jahre
Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim

Wutschweiger ab 9 Jahre
Theater der Stadt Aalen

Aus der Kurve fliegen ab 10 Jahre
Junges Ensemble Stuttgart

Ida y Vuelta – Hin und Zurück ab 12 Jahre
Cargo Theater Freiburg

Wider die Tyrannei! ab 13 Jahre
Theater Tempus Fugit

WHAT THE BODY?! ab 13 Jahre
Theater im Marienbad

Die Nacht so groß wie wir ab 14 Jahre
Junges Landestheater Tübingen

Zukunft ab 14 Jahre
Junges Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Festival Packages


We offer festival packages for professional visitors, to make your stay
at the festival as comfortable as possible.
To book your festival package, please email us to: festival@jes-stuttgart.de.

We need the following information: Name, organisation, country, email address, phone number, address for invoice and the duration of stay you are planning.

Find out more!

Here is a program overview for professional visitors.
Advance sales for the general public start on April 17th!


You would like to watch all international performances of the festival? You love to discuss and analyse theatre with others? You are keen to get to know other young professional theatre makers from different countries, to exchange and build connections with them?
Apply for the NEW GENERATION RESIDENCY until 18th of February 2024!

We invite 10 young theatre practitioners (18-35 years old) to participate in the NEW GENERATION RESIDENCY of Schöne Aussicht 2024. The scholarships address young artists of the performing arts (dramaturgs, directors, actors, puppeteers, dancers, performers, stage and costume designers, musicians or theatre educationalists) with specific interest in theatre for young audiences.

The New Generation residents will partake in the whole festival programme, watch different performances, reflect and discuss what they have seen, share questions and thoughts on the theatre for young audiences with established theatre makers, experience a week full intense discussions, delicious food, excursions and flittering celebrations.

For any questions: festival@jes-stuttgart.de

Festival Schöne Aussicht

Schöne Aussicht is a biannual international theatre festival for young audiences hosted by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES) in Stuttgart, Germany.

For one week we turn our theatre into a hub for exchange, networking and sharing our creative work. We present 10 performances for young audiences created in different regions of the world to children, students, families and theatre professionals. We also facilitate opportunities for exchange not only between artists of different generations, professions and cultures but also between professionals and the young audiences.
This was Festival Schöne Aussicht 2022.